Shopping for Cowhide Rugs - A Helpful Guide

Shopping for Cowhide Rugs - A Helpful Guide

Shopping for Cowhide Rugs - A Helpful Guide

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Are you looking to enhance a room in your home or office with a floor piece that makes a statement and is as durable as it is unique? Cowhide rugs are often the centerpiece of the room and are used to improve its overall aesthetics by enhancing a coffee table, wall hangings or other furnishings. In this Cowhide rug shopping guide, you will discover the benefits of a cowhide rug and how to find the perfect cowhide rug for your space.

What Makes a Cowhide Rug Unique?

Anyone looking to enhance their living space knows that the use of area rugs can enhance and personalize a room. Rugs are also a great way to warm up a room both visually and literally and they are used to help to protect flooring. This is especially true for areas where there is heavy foot traffic. This is where cowhide rugs standout. Known for their durability, cowhide rugs can help to safeguard the surface area they cover. A high quality cowhide rug can withstand the continual tramping that occurs in entry ways and high traffic areas in a room. 

In addition to their functionality and strength, cowhide rugs are highly versatile. They are sturdy and more stain resistant than many other types of rugs; making them a great addition for homes with or without children and pets. Cowhide rugs are truly stylish, functional, and unique.

Are all Cowhide Rugs Made with Real Cowhide?

A genuine cowhide rug is made with the complete skin and hair of a cow. The hide is then cured using either a chrome tanning method or by a more environmentally friendly, vegetable tanning process. The result is a soft, durable rug which retains its distinguished markings. Some cowhides are then re-dyed with various colors to create artistic details and to make exotic animal prints. 

Some cowhide rugs are made with fabricated material. This is typically done to accommodate those who want to take advantage of the unique design and style of a cowhide rug without using a genuine cowhide. Many high quality synthetic options are also available for those seeking an alternative to authentic cowhide rugs. 

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Cowhide Rugs - Five Reasons to Buy a High Quality Cowhide Rug 

Unsure as to whether or not cowhide rugs are the way to go for your home or office? Allow us to shed some light on the subject. Here are some compelling reasons to invest in a quality cowhide rug.

No Two Designs are the Same

Naturally, all real cowhide patterns are inherently unique, meaning that once you buy one style or make, the chances of you finding another cowhide rug of the same style or pattern are slim to none. This is part of their charm. Your rug will be absolutely unique and you will not find the same one elsewhere in someone else’s home or place of business. It is one of the few decor pieces that are truly and authentically one-of-a-kind.

Their Shapes and Sizes are Distinctive

Since many cowhide rugs are typically smaller than the average area rug, they are the perfect size and addition to any room. Oftentimes, these particular leather rugs are used in smaller rooms, or in front of a fireplace.

There are different styles, colors, shapes, and designs that one can purchase, making it a truly unique piece of cloth. In a way, its rarity makes it a luxury, and why not many have them in their homes. You can find cowhide rugs that are brown, soft, big, or small. They can be the focal point of the room, or they can be a great addition to any bedroom or room in a house.


It can be hard to come by material that is hypoallergenic, let alone stylish; however, cowhides have visual appeal, are soft to the touch and have been embraced for their functionality for people with high sensitivities and adverse reactions to various types of fabrics and materials.

For those who are sensitive to animal hair and fur, happily, Cowhide rugs – especially those that undergo a tanning process – are hypoallergenic. This means that buyers can rest assured that they won't experience any allergic reactions such as runny nose or sneezing when they are exposed to cowhide rugs. They can simply relax and enjoy their beautiful designs. 

As a matter of fact, many people are purchasing cowhides that are incorporated into their upholstery to reap the hypoallergenic benefits of cowhides. In addition to rugs, cowhides can be found in  pillows, drapes, and accents to furniture.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

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Another benefit of purchasing a cowhide rug is that they are easy to clean and maintain. When combining look and feel, cowhides easily maintain their soft and wild side appeal. They are perfect for areas where there is high foot traffic, dirt, or dust build-up.This is especially true since the pile height is minimal. What about spills and dirt? Cowhide rugs are easy to clean with the use of a damp cloth. And cowhides are known for being more durable than other types of rugs. 

Style and Functionality

Cowhide rugs, both natural and synthetic, are an excellent choice for a home or office rug. Because they lie flat on the floor and are easy to clean, these individually shaped, sized and patterned rugs are versatile durable floor pieces that can add that splash of color, sophistication, or warmth to a room. If you love having unique, eye-catching decor, cowhides are the way to go.

Shop for the Perfect Cowhide Rug

When it comes to the best cowhides on the market, consider the quality, space, and whether it's going into a smaller room or a large room and whether you would like to feature one or more cowhide rugs in that particular room, house or building. These are a few factors that can help when determining how much of a price tag you are willing to pay for a cowhide rug, as well as the material that is going to be used.

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 Before you purchase your cowhide rug, remember, quality is key. Cowhides can be made with real or byproduct materials. You will need to decide which is right for you. Then, you’ll want to find a store that hand-selects their cowhide rugs. There are affordable options for high quality cowhides such as these. Look for cowhide rugs that suit your particular style and that make a statement. Then select your pattern, size and style and prepare to make a statement with your original cowhide rug! 

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