The Best Rugs for Pets

The Best Rugs for Pets

The Best Rugs for Pets

For many people, pets are their children. You want to make your home safe and welcoming for your pets the same way you would with children. The way you prepare your home for pets is easy and you won't have to sacrifice style for function. 

Pets can have long nails, get muddy, or have the occasional accident. The best rugs for pets will be able to hold up against any event. We want your home to be perfect, and a rug can bring a room together. 

Keep reading to find the perfect rug for your home that will also hold up against anything your pets can throw at it. 

Rugs that are Great for Pets

dog on rug

Rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. These rug families are perfect for anyone with pets. 

Faux Fur Rugs 

faux fur rug

Faux fur rugs are soft, fluffy, and will be the perfect spot for your pet to snuggle up to. Many faux fur rugs are short, which is great when looking for pet-friendly rugs. The shorter the rug is, the less dirt, debris, and pet fur can imbed itself into the rug. 

Faux fur rugs also come in a wide array of shapes, colors, and patterns. It will be easy to find one that matches your home.

These rugs are also machine washable. Machine washable rugs will make cleaning up after pets easy. Instead of dealing with chemical cleaners, you just have to let it air dry after it's done in the wash. 

Solid Rugs

solid color rug

Solid rugs are a great option if you have pets, especially if your pet has one main color for their fur pattern. You can purchase a rug that matches the color of your pet's fur. This way, if your pet sheds, it will match the rug. 

Another reason why solid rugs are great for pets is that it's easy to tell if you need to clean something. Solid rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Solid rugs are great for rooms because you can add a pop of color or get a more neutral tone to highlight your furniture. 

Abstract Rugs

abstract rugs

As hard as we try to clean up after our pets, some stains just don't go away. Even after you've used all the cleaner you can, you might still see a faint reminder of the stain. 

Abstract rugs are great rugs for dogs. The abstract patterning is excellent for hiding any pet stains that just won't go away. If your pet is a heavy shedder, that's all the more reason to purchase a rug with abstract patterning on it. 

Abstract patterned rugs can also do a lot for a room. They can give rooms a more creative touch. Some abstract patterned rugs also have shimmery pieces to them that will be fun to interact with.  

Pet Rugs to Avoid

Not every rug is going to be great for pet owners. Here are a few examples of rug styles you should avoid when living with pets. 

Absorbent Rugs

Many durable rugs are also super absorbent. Sisal rugs, for example, are cheap and made of natural fibers. These fibers are super absorbent and will retain signs of any stain no matter where it comes from. 

Instead of purchasing a rug made from natural fibers, we recommend purchasing one made out of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers tend to be less absorbent and easier to clean

Silk and Shag Rugs

Silk and shag rugs feel amazing on your feet. They are also both really popular styles of rugs, but both are bad if you have pets. 

Silk rugs are delicate. These rugs won't hold up well to any animal playtime activities. The delicacy of their construction also makes them harder to clean, and easier to ruin. 

Shag rugs have a high pile. Pile is the length of the rug threads. The longer the rug threads, the easier it is for dirt, debris, and hair to gather. 

With shag rugs, you might get the surface stains out but deeper stains will be harder to remove. Another downfall with shag rugs is that they tend to get matted over time. The more your pets play on them, the flatter they will get. 

Instead of choosing a rug with a higher pile, pick a shorter rug. The shorter the pile, the easier it will be to clean and maintain. When you purchase rugs online, the retailer will list the pile in the description of the product. 

Tassled Rugs 

Many people love tasseled rugs because they add great texture to a room. But whether you have cats or dogs, you know your pet will make a toy out of anything they can find.

Tassels may seem like the ideal toy to your pet, but they can do a lot of damage. Beyond wrecking your carpet, if your pet ingests the tassel strings it can mean an emergency trip to the vet. 

The safest thing you can do is avoid tassels altogether. If you want tassels on your rug, get ones that are an inch or less in length. The shorter the tassel, the less temptation your pet will have to play with it. 

Purchase the Best Rugs for Pets and Make Your Home Complete

dog and cat on rug

Rugs are what bring a room together. They can keep your feet warm all season long. Picking rugs that give your room a great sense of personality is still possible when picking out the best rugs for pets. 

Now that you know the kinds of rugs that work for pets, it's time to find more information about how those rugs can fit perfectly into your space. Visit Makymo's online store to find great styles and get great tips about rugs. 

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