How to clean a  Cowhide Rug

How to Clean a Cowhide Rug: Everything You Need to Know

How to Clean a Cowhide Rug: Everything You Need to Know

A cowhide rug is made up of the entire skin and hair of a cow that has been cured using either chrome or vegetable tanning methods. The result is a long-lasting, soft rug that keeps the animal's distinctive patterns, though skins are occasionally re-dyed to produce unique prints.

Cowhide rugs range in size from 20 to 50 square feet, based on the size of the animal from which they were derived. Outsize carpets are also available on the market, and they are manufactured by combining two or more hides.

Each cowhide rug is unique in terms of color and pattern. Cowhides create a unique luxury aesthetic and are a fantastic complement or contrast to an existing color scheme.

Cowhide rugs, in addition to their beauty, can create a warm atmosphere in a bedroom or serve as a focal point on a wooden floor. The arching lines can help to reduce the angularity of a room with straight walls. They can even be used in high-traffic locations, such as foyers and corridors, due to their long-lasting characteristics.

With all these premium qualities, you will want to know how to care for your premium cowhide rug (We have vegan cowhide rugs as well!). The good news is that if done properly, cowhide rugs are easier to clean than most  other types of rugs. And luckily, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

How to Clean a Cowhide Rug: Seven Crucial Steps to Follow

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Due to the hide's long-lasting natural characteristics, cowhide rugs function well in all places, including your home's busiest areas. They are stain-resistant and, as previously stated, extremely simple to maintain. They can survive for several years without needing to be replaced due to the high quality of leather.

The following is professional advice on how to clean cowhide rugs properly. 

1. Shake the Cowhide Rug

It is a good idea to take the rug outside and shake it off now and then. Even though a vacuum cleaner may remove a lot of dust and debris from a rug, a thorough shake may help release anything that has permeated deeper into the cloth.

Shaking off your rug is a straightforward way to keep your cowhide rug clean. It's important to note that you do not have to beat the rug hard to get the dirt out. Simply shake it vigorously.

2. Vacuum Your Cowhide Rug

Vacuuming cowhide rugs is similar to vacuuming other types of rugs. It keeps it clean and prevents any stains or dirt from forming on it. Be sure to change your vacuum’s setting accordingly. Although a specific cleaning plan isn't required, it is always a good idea to clean the cowhide rug when cleaning other items. 

3. Brush the Cowhide Rug

Brushing your rug on a regular basis keeps it looking new while also keeping it clean. Even after vacuuming, dirt and debris are likely to remain in some regions of your rug.

Brushing your rug may further aid in the removal of stubborn dirt. Brushing, rather than vacuuming, is a more efficient and effective approach to clean your cowhide rug.

4. Use Shampoo to Get Rid of Stains

Using a mixture of shampoo and water can help remove stains from a cowhide rug. This method works well for removing the stain and recovering your leather. When using this method, keep the following tips in mind:

        Gently apply the shampoo-water soapy mixture to the rug with a damp cloth or sponge. 

        Start with a small amount of shampoo and add more as needed.

        You can scrub and rub in any direction, unlike brushing

        Make sure the cloth or sponge isn't completely saturated

        Avoid alkaline shampoos and soaps at all costs - purchase a high-quality non-alkaline soap to avoid damage to your rug

5. Removing Grease Stains from the Rug

Is your rug stained with grease? Do not be afraid or frightened. Start by lightly scraping away the grease using a brush or anything with hard plastic bristles as best you can. Experts recommend dabbing a small amount of eucalyptus oil on top of the discoloration as a reliable method for removing stains from cowhide carpets. Simply apply a small amount of eucalyptus oil and gently rub it in completely with a clean, dry cloth. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure until the stain is removed.

6. How to Remove Liquid Stains

You cannot afford to waste any time when dealing with red wine, tea, pet urine, or coffee stains. Act quickly by following these steps for efficiently washing your cowhide rug:

You Will Need:

        Paper towel



        Shampoo or mild soap

        Clean cloth




        Soak up the liquid stain with a paper towel. Avoid touching the affected area; instead, dab it. The discoloration spreads much more if you rub it.

        If you notice solid material, scrape it off with the blunt edge of a knife in the direction of the hair.

        Make a solution. Combine a few drops of soapy water or shampoo with lukewarm water.

        Apply the mixture to the rug with a moist sponge. Carefully rub and gently wipe until the stain disappears.

        Make sure the damp sponge isn't entirely saturated.

        Take a clean piece of fabric and wet it. Wipe away the shampoo solution residue with a soft cloth.

        Lastly, let your cowhide rug air dry.

7. Removing Food Stains

A brush or butter knife can effectively remove food stains from a cowhide rug. You can do this by gently scraping in the same direction as the rug fibers until the stains are gone.

If the stain remains, a moist cloth with a small amount of non-alkaline soap or a solution of water and white vinegar should remove the majority of the food stains. When you observe the stains on the surface, dab the area with a dry towel to remove the spots.

white and black cowhide rug

Conclusion: Follow These Cowhide Cleaning Tips

Unfortunately, you cannot just throw your rug into the washing machine. Wool and jute rugs, for example, necessitate a thorough cleaning and care routine. Cleaning and preserving cowhide carpets, on the other hand, is simple if done correctly. Experts recommend the rug cleaning ideas in this article, and they are attainable. Follow their instructions, and your cowhide rug is going to gleam like it was purchased yesterday!

If you are in the market for a cowhide rug, make sure to check out our cowhide rug buyers guide!

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