Accent Pillow Buyer’s Guide: Find the Right Pillows for your Home or Office

Accent Pillow Buyer’s Guide: Find the Right Pillows for your Home or Office

Accent pillows are a versatile accessory for any space and decorating with throw pillows is an easy way to enhance your interior or exterior living and workspaces. Decorative accent pillows are a versatile and affordable option to help you change the look of a space while tying themes, colors and fabrics together.

So, whether you are looking to add some color to your current décor or update your spaces with accents that add a holiday or seasonal flair, we’ll help you to narrow down your options so you can find the perfect throw pillow in no time.

Focus on Fabrics

Fur and Faux fur - Fur accents pillows are soft and cozy and provide a luxurious look and feel which makes them a fabulous accessory for home or office armchairs and sofas.  Sheepskin and Mongolian wool and faux fur collections are popular choices. You’ll want to take special care of these high-style pillows. We recommend professional dry cleaning.

Velvet - A velvet fabric is soft to the touch and adds a focal point for both vintage and modern spaces. This smooth fabric is thicker than some of its competitors and is often used to add warmth to a room in cooler seasons although a light-colored velvet toss pillow is an equally complimentary accent for interior furnishings a sunny day. 

Cotton - Cotton is the most common fabric, which makes for a great addition to a casual living or work space. Cotton pillows are durable, so they can be machine washed, making them child and pet friendly and a fun option for an outdoor porch swing, hammock or chair. Given the reasonable cost of cotton pillows, a collage of different colors, shapes and sizes can be an affordable option.

Wool - Wool pillows are made for fall and winter months. Pillows made of this warm fabric come in a variety of styles from needlepoint to cable knit. And designs and are usually made of multi-colored fibers. Wool adds rustic feel to a room. These pillows are ideal for a cozy cabin or industrial style space, creating an outdoorsy vibe for your indoor spaces.

Linen - Linen pillows are made out of flax seeds. These pillows are a good choice for summer months. This light material can create a look that is airy and casual or compliment furnishing that display a sophisticated style of country charm. Linen pillows come in a variety of styles from a flat, matte look with a fine, texturized pattern to a fluffy, fleece-like, waffle or popcorn knit appearance.

Select the Shape, Size and Style

Pick Your Pillow Shapes

  • Square - Square is the most standard shape for throw pillows. Common sizes for decorative square pillows generally include 16, 18 and 20-inch pillows. Of course, different manufacturers produce their own custom sizes that are larger and smaller than traditional toss pillows. By sticking with sizes that are commonly made, you can easy change pillow covers and replace pillows, when desired.
  • Bolster - Bolster pillows were created to help prop up ones back or arms while seated.  They are cylinder-shaped and are most often used as a bed pillow or as a back rest for sofas with deep cushions. They are functional and decorative and are often placed with square pillows to balance a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Lumbar - Lumbar throw pillows are a rectangular shape. Like bolster pillows, these oblong pillows were originally designed to provide back support, but are now used more often for ornamental purposes and can often be found on an armchair.
  • Round - Round pillows are a unique accent that can be used in children’s rooms as a whimsical accessory or a fine sitting room as a statement piece. They are especially useful in helping to balance out bolsters and square pillows on a sofa or a set of decorative bed pillows.

Create your Color Scheme

When choosing colors, a great way to start is to select similar colors that blend with your interior and outdoor furnishings and surroundings in the space you are decorating. Using complementary colors will allow you to complete a look with the right tones and hues to accent your environment.

Decide which Designs Work Best

Once you’ve identified complimentary colors for your space, you can experiment with contrasting patterns to create a more dynamic effect or play with monotone or subtle changes in your chosen hue. Pillows should add interest to a room. This can be achieved by mixing designs to bring out colors and patterns or by adding neutral tones to soften lines. If your sofa, bedspread or reading chair is upholstered in a fabric with a multi-colored pattern, a solid pillow is a great choice and vice versa.

Find the Right Finishes, Trims & Embellishments

When it comes to decorative throw pillows, details make all the difference. Trimmings, tassels, pipping, weave and buttons can all make a statement. These finishes will either compliment or contrast your chosen style and intended look, so be sure to choose wisely. For a more elegant look, you may want to stick with more muted, solid or monochrome colors. And fabrics such as fur and faux fur combined with tassels and fine trimmings will add to a luxurious look. To complement more casual settings, you may want to look for a heavier or more common fabrics such as cotton or wool and keep an eye out for simple embellishments such as large buttons or double-sided options. And of course, you can always opt to mix things up to meet your specific design needs. 

Place Pillows According to Proportions

When placing decorative pillows, we recommend you follow these basic principles:

Be sure that the pillow or pillows are in proportion to the furnishings in the room and specifically to furniture it will be accenting. For example, a cluster of pillows with uniform or varied shapes and sizes is well-suited for a large sofa. And while a singular pillow may be perfect addition to a small side chair, a solo pillow placed in the middle of a sofa that seats five is easily overshadowed by other furnishings which defeats of the purpose of these eye-catching accessories. Instead, you'll want to use pillows in proper proportion to compliment colors, styles and themes and enhance the comfort and look of your indoor or outdoor spaces. 


In Summary

When shopping for a decorative throw pillow, consider choosing pillows with an eye-catching color or design to complement a room’s color scheme. Try mixing neutrals with bright colors and patterns and don’t be afraid to mix textures, shapes and sizes.

If you are furnishing a new space or considering making a change in your office or home décor, throw pillows are a great place to start. Carefully chosen pillows are a fabulous way to add some pizazz to a space with neutral wall colors, floors or other furnishings and it only takes a few minutes to easily accentuate a room with decorative pillows.


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