Makymo Announces Exclusive Metallica Collection

Makymo Announces Exclusive Metallica Collection

Makymo Announces Exclusive Metallica Collection

metallic rug

Makymo unveils the magic of metallic in its Fall 2021 luxury home furnishings line. This collection is complete with exquisitely handcrafted statement pieces featuring metallic accents. The Metallica Collection includes cozy comforters, elegant rugs, plush pillows, blankets and ottomans – all expertly designed to be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

Your space is destined to stand out with the one-of-a-kind items featured in Makymo’s Metallica Collection. These foundational pieces are a great investment for your essential interior home décor and can help you create a distinctive look that highlights hints of metallic mixed with natural elements, to draw attention to the unique texture, color and shimmer of the fabric.

metallic accent piece

Makymo is committed to creating a comfortable and inviting living or office or space where the genius and passion of its designers can be celebrated during everyday moments. Shop Makymo’s Metallica Collection now!

Now Trending: Metallic Features and Finishes 

Metallic rug

You don’t have to look far to see the bold and beautiful influence of metals in interior design. Metallic finishes are trending in every part of the home. From fireplaces to kitchen sinks and other appliances, elegant interiors are showcasing the aesthetic properties of copper, gold, nickel, chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel. In addition to their reflective qualities, these metals come in a variety of finishes from a subtle brushed look to a look that shows off a glimmering shine. 

Products from Makymo’s Metallica Collection create the perfect fusion of color to enhance and complement the metal features in your home or commercial space. This limited-edition luxury product line is sourced from the finest quality materials around the world. Makymo is known for their bespoke line of luxury home furnishings including rugs, bedspreads, coverlets and throws. Each element in Makymo’s Metallica collection is a stunning display of artisanship. The fundamental home furnishing products featured  in the Makymo’s Metallica Collection are carefully created to cater to those seeking a fresh look that is as practical as it is pleasing to the eye – masterfully blending comfort and style with form and function to meet your interior design needs.   

metallic pillow

Makymo’s Metallica collection is an exclusive line of products, you will own be able to find them anywhere else – so your décor is sure to be a show stopper! 

Inspiration for Your Interiors 

metallic interior rug and features

Makymo’s Metallic Collection is a must-see for interior design inspiration. These reflective pieces easily complement traditional and contemporary elements or a fusion of two. The products in this line including rugs, blankets, pillows and ottomans blend beautifully with both warm and cool tones to create a harmonious look to compliment your current furnishings. Given their unique characteristics, metallic home décor pieces have the power to tie a room together and add the perfect level of sophisticated style fused with comfort and practical functionality. These pieces are designed to accommodate a bold look or to make a subtle statement, depending on style, color, size and placement; making these an easy addition to your current space. To see Makymo’s stunning assortment of luxurious home décor in their Metallica line, click here

Brighten Your Home with Metallic Accents 

Metallics naturally create eye-catching elements with their sparkling colors and patterns that reflect light. From blankets and throws, to pillows, rugs and ottomons, Makymo’s signature metallic pieces area sure fire way to bring attention to the most captivating design features in your home or office. Attention is in the metallic details, and the lines, patterns – whether vertical or horizontal or diagonal or circular or randomized – influence the feel of the space, and help bring attention to a focal point in the room. A metallic throw, pillow, ottoman or rug with a golden hue, rich copper tone or silver sheen can bring warmth to a room. 

metallic blanket

With the arrival of autumn and winter months quickly approaching, it’s a great time to stock up on the se house-warming home accessories and captivating additions to your office décor to enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond. The many shades of metallic open the imagination to new ideas you haven’t considered. The exquisite new additions to our growing line of luxury home accessories including rugs, throw pillows, and so much more! Bringing these bright hues into your home or office to contrast darker hues and cooler tones will help add a dramatic flair to your interiors.

 Available now, Makymo’s Metallica Collection can be seen here

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