Introducing our Color-Changing Flat Weave Rug, a true marvel of visual intrigue and comfort. Transform your living spaces with a touch of dynamic color play and luxurious softness. Meticulously crafted from a blend of Polyester and Viscose, this rug not only delights with its ever-changing hues depending on the viewing angle but also boasts the practicality of a flat weave and shed-free design. The power loom construction ensures precision and durability, while the 100% Cotton Backing adds an extra layer of quality. 

Whether indoors or outdoors (under dry conditions), this rug's strong and durable nature holds up impeccably, making it a versatile addition to your spaces. Experience the enchanting fusion of aesthetics and comfort with our Color-Changing Flat Weave Rug.


  • Unique Color-Changing Phenomenon Adds Visual Intrigue to Your Space.
  • Blend of Polyester and Viscose for Softness and Durability.
  • Flat Weave Design Ensures a Shed-Free Experience.
  • Power Loomed with Precision and Attention to Detail.
  • Strong and Durable Thanks to the 100% Cotton Backing.
  • Versatile: Ideal for Indoor Use or Outdoor Areas as Long as Kept Dry.
  • Elevates Aesthetic Appeal and Comfort in Your Environment.
  • Crafted for Both Indoor and Outdoor Versatility.
  • Enjoy Softness Underfoot Combined with Lasting Resilience.

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