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Rex Pillow Collection

Rex Pillow Collection

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Faux Fur Pillows

Feel the comfort of these faux fur throw pillows as the highest soft quality faux fur delight, chinchilla rabbit feel animal cruelty free!!! Adding a soft touch and look for any bedroom, living room or other decorative space.

Having the right mix of style and comfort is essential for a cozy, stylish home. But adding those decorative touches can be hard work! Make it easier with these faux fur throw pillows. Sit back after a long day and enjoy the softness of these fuzzy throw pillows.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Crystal Velvet Backing
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Heavy and Durable
  • Soft and Luxurious 
  • Fuzzy Throw Pillows
  • Elegant Color Palette
  • Shed Free
  • Modern and Contemporary
  • Machine Washable with Air Dry
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